Technology Roadmap

The Technology Roadmap guides the development of key technologies under the SAT-1 Initiative. It is our general, long-term strategy of innovation and achievement.

Phase 01: Basic Steps

Adopting the CubeSat standard is our primary objective under Phase 01. 

Building our first satellite will give us invaluable knowledge on small satellite subsystem design, review procedures, manufacturing, assembly, testing and operations. Data processing will be perfected as well. 

The Initiative is to set up a network of partnering institutions where our hands-on experience in CubeSat design and fabrication will be disseminated. 

An operations facility with a ground station and development labs is to be established.

Phase 02:
Thinking Bigger

Under Phase 02, the Initiative is to exploit the full potential of the CubeSat class. We will focus on adapting technologies like AI, plasma propulsion, lasers, advanced materials, nuclear equipment and long-range communications to the CubeSat standard. This will make our smallsats go further, do more, and be less dependent on ground control. A collaborative Lunar mission with Bulgarian and foreign entities is the main accent.

Phase 03:
Doing Bigger

Phase 03 is a distant future development stage where our research into power units, propulsion and AI will allow us to build highly autonomous deep space probes. The Initiative is to launch its first interplanetary probe, again employing either the CubeSat standard or a small satellite platform. Other technologies we are to research are wireless power transmission and life support systems.

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