As a voluntary non-government organization, the *SAT-1 Initiative does not rely on public financing. Our projects are entirely supported by the private sector and donations.


You can support our activities directly with a donation to our account:

Initsiativa SAT-1
Unicredit BulBank

Crypto donations

The core ideas of decentralized digital currencies resonate with our vision of a more horizontal network for space science and technology advancement. In addition, the data and most of the technology we develop will be freely accessible to every educational institution in the world. Cryptocurrencies are not limited to national boundaries and are truly neutral, collaborative and universal – just how space exploration should be. To promote blockchain technology and the unique opportunities it provides, we will integrate several cryptocurrency logos in our satellite missions.


Bitcoin donations:

Ether donations:

Ether Classic donations:


Structure of expenses

Spending on components, materials, assembly tools and R&D infrastructure is our top priority, or a primary expense. Without equipment or components, we cannot assemble spacecraft and generate the know-how we want to disperse.

However, legal matters, development space rents, promotional campaigns and events, and printing educational materials also require expenses. If we are to reach out fully to our partners and audiences – students, researchers and businesses, we need to secure the means to distribute the benefits of our work.

Finally, any financial assistance that remains unspent on equipment or administrative needs will be redistributed according to project necessity or used to form an operational surplus for future projects.

As a non-government entity registered under Bulgarian law, we will publish annual reports on our activity and expenses – the first one is due to be published in spring 2018.


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