Ground and space segments

Space segment

Efir’s space segment consists of a single 1U CubeSat placed in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Efir will overfly southern Europe, most of Asia, all of Africa and Australia and all but the extreme southern tip of South America and most of North America. 

As a technology demonstration mission, the satellite will only perform basic experiments. Efir will be equipped with a small camera in the visible and infrared spectra, and a set of magnetometers. The data acquired on vegetation and the planetary magnetic field will be used to raise interest in natural sciences studies.

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Conceptual 3D render of Efir.

The payload will be supported by a standardized set of subsystems, including power management, attitude determination and control, communications, a navigation sensor, an on-board computer and a structure with a thermal management system. Uplink-downlink will be carried out in the UHF band, allowing amateur radio operators across the world to receive data packets and imagery. A set of magnetometers and magnetorquers will provide 3-axis attitude determination and control, respectively. Power will be supplied by solar panels and a set of batteries. Experience acquired during design, integration and testing will be thoroughly documented and provided to several Bulgarian universities to improve their engineering programs.

Ground segment

The ground segment consists of a transceiver station, a data processing facility and a mission control and operations center. The ground segment will be a multi-use facility that will receive data from other satellites, and will be built with future, more complex missions in mind.

Our Operations Facility is located in Sofia Tech Park. Some of the assembly and integration work will be performed at the Labs.

Sofia Tech Park also hosts a secondary ground station that will be used for tests and training of students in ground operations.

The Plana Mountain area offers low radio noise and clear skies for much of the year. This is where our main ground station is being built.

The village of Kondofrey and its surroundings share the same geographic benefits as Plana, but it is considered a reserve location. It is located 60 km SW of Sofia.