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We’re a non-governmental organization promoting space technology through collaboration, in-house research and innovative space missions.

We build spacecraft.

We've developed a long-term space mission program focused on innovative R&D payloads and subsystems developed in-house.

We advance knowledge.

By working closely with universities, we disseminate aerospace systems engineering approaches and practical know-how.

We build awareness.

We research and monitor the state of Bulgarian industrial capacity in the space sector. This includes R&D efforts and technology sharing.

Our team

The SAT-1 Initiative consists of 14 talented members, graduates of the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University, the Technical University of Sofia, Delft University of Technology, University of Bath and the University of Neuchatel, among others. 

Our members’ diverse expertise across various fields allows us to find the most efficient solution to any challenge during space mission design and implementation. Our approach to space missions is further enriched by the presence of both dedicated researchers and startup founders within the team

A 1U CubeSat technology demonstration mission.

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Efir (Bulgarian for “aether”, “sky” or “airwaves”) is the first CubeSat technology demonstrator by the SAT-1 Initiative. 

Efir is designed to provide practical know-how in small satellite design. The knowledge and documentation generated by the Initiative in the course of the mission are to be shared with local universities. Efir will also generate imagery and sensor data for educational purposes. 

The mission is designed and implemented by the SAT-1 Initiative. Major Bulgarian universities will be involved in the dissemination of knowledge and data, testing procedures and some integration work. However, all interested parties are welcome to support Efir, particularly radio amateurs, as the satellite will broadcast its data freely over amateur frequencies.

Apart from process benefits, Efir is tasked with monitoring vegetation in large agricultural plots and forest habitats across the globe. Particular emphasis is placed on agricultural areas in North America and Europe, as well as equatorial forests threatened by fires and clearcutting.

Efir is to carry a payload board and some subsystem elements designed in-house. Most of the platform will be made using standard subsystems readily available on the market.

The mission is supported by the following infrastructure:

  • Design & Simulations (in-house, Faculty of Physics @ Sofia University)
  • Testing equipment (Faculty of Physics @ Sofia University, Sofia Tech Park)
  • Integration facilities (Sofia Tech Park)
  • Ground control facility (Sofia Tech Park)

Additional information about the mission here

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